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We Didn’t Start the Fire… yet!

by Jesus Estrada, CSUF Communications Student

Looking for a fun and exciting event to spend with friends or family? The Environmental Nature Center has an upcoming event featuring their Executive Director, Bo Glover. Glover will be teaching and guiding individuals in starting a fire on January 14, 2017 from 1pm to 5pm. This event is for individuals, couples, and families with children who are nine years or older. The event is opened to members for the cost of $20 and $30 dollars for non-members. Glover will teach the basics of assembling a fire and guiding the participants in the right direction.

Activities will be provided by the Environmental Nature Center for the participants who join Glover. They will learn to build and maintain a fire, where to build a fire, what materials to use, and which sort of structure to build. It is a great opportunity to learn the basics of fire making which is an essential survival skill. Bo will give an introduction to making a fire using friction and then participants will make their own fires to cook with (dinner is included).

“Knowing how to start a fire means staying warm, the ability to boil untreated water, the ability to dry wet clothes, keeping insects away, being able to signal for rescue, and having the ability to cook food”, said ENC Executive Director Director Glove. Join the Environmental Nature Center and Bo Glover as you get hands on experience and learn the basics of constructing a fire.

To register visit this webpage!

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