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Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary

The ENC Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary – Coming Soon!

Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary is a 12 acre wildlife sanctuary located in Modjeska Canyon. It includes a natural history museum, trails, and a bird observation deck. It’s a great place to quietly observe nature! Public programs will be scheduled soon. Stay tuned for more info. Return to this page or sign up for our email list, HERE.

Interested in working at Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary? Please apply HERE.

Interested in volunteering at Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary? Please apply HERE.


Is Tucker open? The ENC is making upgrades to the facility – including installing ADA compliant restrooms and making repairs to some structures before opening to the public once again in the Fall. Community members interested in learning more about Tucker should keep an eye out for updates at https://encenter.org/tucker/ or sign up on the ENC’s Tucker email list to be informed of future programs, volunteer and employment opportunities.

I’d like to donate birdseed. What kinds do you accept? We can accept black oil sunflower seed, mixes of millet and sunflower, plain millet, nyjer seed, mealworms and peanuts. We CANNOT accept mixes that have milo in them (Milo is orangish round seed slightly larger than millet).

Questions? email us!

29322 Modjeska Canyon Rd
Silverado, CA 92676

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