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ENC Nature Preschool Scholarship Program

Every child should have the opportunity to attend a nature preschool. The unique experiences that we are privileged to engage in daily are nothing less than magical. The advantages of learning outdoors opens the senses as well as the mind. Being able to keep our doors open throughout the pandemic has allowed our children to thrive and flourish and this has been largely due to the continued support of our families and donors.

Realistically, for various reasons, we understand that attending an incredible outdoor program is not attainable for all families. It is acknowledged that financial responsibilities supersede the opportunity for all children attending preschool. Each year, the ENC provides scholarship monies to eligible families enrolled in the Nature Preschool. Scholarships cover up to 50% of the cost of tuition, depending on the specific financial needs of each family.

To receive this partial scholarship to the ENC Nature Preschool, families must meet eligibility criteria determined by the family’s gross monthly income. Families with the lowest income have priority.  Applicants will be asked to complete an online application, where they will provide verification of recent, accurate family income from all sources for one month. Sources of Income include wages and salary, Worker’s Compensation Insurance, pensions and annuities, unemployment compensation, disability insurance, alimony, child support, and social security. Family expenses will be deducted from the family’s total income.

If you would like to apply for the ENC Nature Preschool Scholarship Program, please call ENC Nature Preschool at 949-629-1044.

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