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Green Events

What makes us green?

Proceeds from events and facility rental help fund our environmental education programs, while also serving as an educational opportunity in and of themselves. All ENC event guests experience a “green event”.

Prohibited Practices

Sustainable Alternatives!

Styrofoam or disposable plastic cups, plastic plates, or plastic utensils.

Re-useable or sustainably made cups, plates, and utensils (made from biodegradable materials).

Bring your own or purchase sustainable disposables from the ENC. Sustainable Disposables can be purchased at:

green event

Disposable/plastic water bottles.

Give your guests re-usable bottles filled with water or use pitchers to fill reusable or biocompostable or paper cups.


Disposable table coverings.

Rent linens or bring your own re-usable table cloths. The ENC’s rustic picnic tables are charming just the way they are, they do not require any tablecloths!

May of our renters use:

green event2

Balloons and confetti.

We also do not allow the release of any live animals, including doves and butterflies.

Blow bubbles! Throw flower petals! Hangs flags, banners or streamers! Decorate your event with flowers or plants. For more ideas and an article explaining why we do not allow balloons, click HERE. Instead of confetti, throw native plant seed! The ENC will provide some for you.

green party3

Open flame torches, luminaries, lanterns, candles, or any open flames are prohibited.

Enjoy the ENC’s beautiful string light system, solar lanterns, and electric candles (free with evening event rentals) for decorative lighting.

You are also more than welcome to bring in electric candles and lighting that you want at your event.

The ENC’s fire pit can be used by arrangement with our Facility Rental Coordinator, as long as a “no burn alert” has not been issued by the AQMD.

1green party

Non-native plants and seed may not be sold at the ENC. Read why HEREInvasive plants may not be brought into the Center. Shells and coral CANNOT be brought into the ENC. Read why HERE.

Plants that are not on the California Invasive Plant Council list may be used as centerpieces by event hosts renting the facility. Locally native plants are always welcome! Not sure? email us!

Want a beachy ocean theme? Decorate with driftwood, sand and rocks!

green event_native plant

Propane tanks are not allowed on ENC grounds (for heaters or cooking*).

The ENC provides 2 electric umbrella heaters to keep your guests warm if needed.

For events, the ENC also provides 25 fleece blankets rolled and set out around the campfire ring for your guests.  For food warming, the ENC allows Green Sterno, this more eco-friendly Sterno can found at Smart and Final and any restaurant supply store. Permits are available through the City of Newport Beach for onsite food prep using propane.

green party5

  • Parking spaces are reserved for fuel-efficient vehicles, an electric vehicle and for those who car pool.
  • To reduce the number of vendors making trips to the Center (to cut down on vehicle emissions), the ENC has tables and chairs available for rent.
  • Smoking is not permitted on ENC property.
  • The ENC requires the use of “green” cleaning products.

For additional information or to request an appointment with the Facility Rental Coordinator, please send an email to Heather Johnson.

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