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ENC Nature Preschool Tuition

Yearly registration fee: $250
$150.00 Registration, $100.00 annual ENC Supporter Membership (Sibling registration fees are $150.00)

Checks are payable to: Environmental Nature Center

Late tuition fee: $30.00 after the 5th day of each month

Returned check fee: $25.00

 Delinquent accounts: Continued late tuition payments will result in termination of enrollment.

 Late pick up fee: A fee of $25.00 for first 5 minutes after pick-up time, and $1.00 for each additional minute will be charged for families that are late picking up their child.

 Sign in and out procedures: Failure to comply with this state licensing requirement will result in a written warning. After the first warning a $30.00 fee will be charged to your family account.

 Make up days: We do not offer make-up days or pro-rated tuition for school closures, sick days, vacation days, mandated quarantining, etc.

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