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Birding at the ENC

If you plant them they will come! The Environmental Nature Center is full of native plants, which provide habitat for native birds and insects, and if you walk quietly enough you are sure to hear and see wonderful things. Let us know what you saw when you visited! Email us. Here is a list of birds that folks have seen here over the years:

Pine Warbler by Jeff Bray, March 16, 2015

Pine Warbler by Jeff Bray, March 16, 2015


Screen shot 2015-03-27 at 7.55.12 AM
Snowy Egret

Birds Sighted at the ENC

Blackbird, Brewer’s
Blackbird, Red-winged (2016)
Bluebird, Western (2016)
Bushtit (2016)
Chat, Yellow-breasted
Cormorant, Double-crested
Cowbird, Brown-headed (2016)
Crow, American (2016)
Curlew, Long-billed
Dove, Mourning (2016)
Dove, Rock (“Rock Pigeon”)
Dove, Spotted
Dowitcher, Long-billed
Egret, Great (“Common”)
Egret, Snowy (2016)
Falcon, Peregrine
Finch, House (2016)
Finch, Purple
Flicker, Northern (“Red-shafted”)
Flycatcher, Ash-throated
Flycatcher, Dusky
Flycatcher, Gray
Flycatcher, Hammond’s
Flycatcher, Olive-sided
Flycatcher, Pacific-slope
Flycatcher, Willow
Gnatcatcher, California
Gnatcatcher, Blue-gray
Godwit, Marbled
Goldfinch, American (2016)
Goldfinch, Lesser (2016)
Grosbeak, Black-headed
Grosbeak, Blue
Grosbeak, Rose-breasted
Gull, Bonaparte’s
Gull, California
Gull, Mew
Gull, Ring-billed
Gull, Western
Harrier, Northern (2016)
Hawk, Cooper’s (2016)
Hawk, Red-shouldered (2016)
Hawk, Red-tailed (2016)
Hawk, Sharp-shinned
Heron, Great Blue (2016)
Heron, Green
Hummingbird, Allen’s (2016)
Hummingbird, Anna’s (2016)
Hummingbird, Black-chinned
Hummingbird, Costa’s
Junco, Dark-eyed (“Oregon”)
Kestrel, American
Kingbird, Cassin’s (2016)
Kingbird, Western
Kingfisher, Belted (2016)
Kinglet, Ruby-crowned (2016)
Kite, White-tailed
Meadowlark, Western
Mockingbird (2016)
Oriole, Hooded (2016)
Oriole, Bullock’s
Owl, Great Horned
Pewee, Greater
Phoebe, Black (2016)
Phoebe, Say’s
Pigeon, Rock (“Rock Dove”)
Pipit, American
Plover, Black-bellied
Poorwill, Common
Raven, Common
Redstart, American
Robin, American
Robin, Rufous-backed
Sapsucker, Red-naped
Scrub-Jay, Western
Shrike, Loggerhead
Siskin, Pine
Sparrow, Black-throated
Sparrow, Chipping
Sparrow, Clay-colored
Sparrow, Fox
Sparrow, Golden-crowned (2016)
Sparrow, House (2016)
Sparrow, Lark
Sparrow, Lincoln’s
Sparrow, Savannah
Sparrow, Song (2016)
Sparrow, White-crowned (2016)
Sparrow, White-throated
Starling, European (2016)
Swallow, Barn
Swallow, Cliff
Swallow, Northern Rough-winged
Swift, White-throated
Tanager, Summer
Tanager, Western (2016)
Tern, Caspian
Thrasher, Brown
Thrush, Hermit (2016)
Thrush, Swainson’s
Thrush, Varied
Towhee, California (2016)
Towhee, Green-tailed
Towhee, Eastern (“Rufous-sided”)
Towhee, Spotted (2016)
Vireo, Hutton’s
Vireo, Solitary
Vireo, Warbling
Vulture, Turkey (2016)
Warbler, Black-and-white
Warbler, Black-throated Blue
Warbler, Black-throated Gray
Warbler, Blackpoll
Warbler, Hermit
Warbler, MacGillivray’s
Warbler, Magnolia
Warbler, Nashville
Warbler, Orange-crowned (2016)
Warbler, Palm
Warbler, Pine
Warbler, Prothonotary
Warbler, Tennessee
Warbler, Townsend’s
Warbler, Virginia’s
Warbler, Wilson’s
Warbler, Yellow (2016)
Warbler, Yellow-rumped (“Audubon’s”)
Warbler, Yellow-rumped (“Myrtle”)
Waterthrush, Northern
Waxwing, Cedar
White-eye, Japanese
Wood-Pewee, Western
Woodpecker, Acorn (2016)
Woodpecker, Downy (2016)
Woodpecker, Nuttall’s (2016)
Wren, Bewick’s
Wren, House
Yellowthroat, Common (2016)
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