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Winter Campers in for Adventure at the ENC!


The Environmental Nature Center (ENC) will present Winter Camp in two sessions: December 26-29 and January 2-5. Full day camp is from 9am to 3pm, and half day camp is from 9AM to 1PM. Campers will participate in educational hands-on activities each day. Adventures within the Nature Center will increase their knowledge and appreciation for the natural world.

“Today’s children often have limited opportunities to connect with the natural world. Children spend more time viewing television and playing video games than they do outside,” said ENC Education Coordinator Corina Silva. “The benefits of connecting to nature include positive impacts on children’s social, psychological, academic and physical health.”

Campers will become Nature Adventurers. They’ll learn wilderness survival skills and spend some time playing independently in nature as well. Campers will embark on treasure hunts, create nature sculptures, and play the ultimate game of “camouflage hide and seek”. Visit our Winter Camp web page for more info about Winter Camp.

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