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Camp Newsletter

Drop Off & Pick-up

ARRIVAL TIME:  Arrival time is staggered to reduce the number of people your camper comes into contact with. We will communicate with you the week prior to your session to confirm your drop-off time. If your child is going to be late or absent, please let us know by calling 949-645-8489.

DROP-OFF: In order to minimize the number of persons on our property, our camps have moved to a car drop off system in our parking lot. Cars will pull into the U-shaped lot at the clearly marked entrance and pull up to the camp registration table at the curb. A staff member will greet your child and escort them to their camp group. If you are running late for drop off, you will need to still pull up at call us when you arrive (949-645-8489).  Please do not get out of the car with your child and come looking for us – we will come to you.  Door to door service!

PICK UP: At Pick Up, cars will come to the same place and as they pull up a staff member will check their ID, ask the caregiver to sign out the child, and radio to our other camp staff with the child’s name. Your child(ren) will be escorted directly from their camp group to their car.

SIGN-OUT:  We will request to see your ID on the first day, or whenever an unfamiliar person picks up your child.

Absences & Dress Code

ABSENCES: If your child will be late or absent, notify ENC staff by the morning of the absence.

CLOTHING: Your camper should wear rubber-soled, closed-toe shoes (NO SANDALS). Dress in layers, since most of our time will be spent outside. Sun protection (hat and sunscreen) is recommended.



Snack & Lunch Break

Between 10:15 and 10:30 AM each day campers will have a snack break. Campers will have a lunch break around 12PM.  Please pack your camper(s) a healthy snack, lunch and a beverage.  Reusable water bottles and food containers marked with the camper’s name are encouraged.  Our camp teachers thank you for NOT giving your kids snacks with lots of refined sugar and packaging!

Behavior Policy

Campers must respect all human, animal, and plant life in the Center. Campers that physically abuse another camper, or an animal while at the ENC, will be dismissed from camp immediately. No exceptions to the policy will be allowed. The ENC encourages parents to support the Center’s Behavior Policy so that all campers will have a safe, fun, and educational experience at ENC Nature Camp.


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