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Featured Artisan: MCKnits

27e1a0_f92f62ef9e1445e19abf8b41bbe24d51Monica Culqui of MCKnits a highly creative person with a love and passion for teaching Art History, Fashion & Costume Design, Knitting, and Public Relations. She has been called a “Renaissance” woman at times for her ability to be an administrator, teacher, mentor, reader, writer, and designer. Her love for people with an intense joie de vivre makes her a happy candidate to be an Artisans Marketplace vendor!

In 2005, she established a sartorial boutique that evolved into an eclectic yarn shop in Madison, Georgia. In 2015, she closed the store to make a permanent move to Los Angeles, CA. “I love people, doing my creations and the arts & crafts festivals,” said Monica. “Venues like the ENC Artisans Marketplace provide the opportunity to keep me creating and teaching the art of knitting.”

Monica has a knitting studio in Torrance, CA.

Check our her website, HERE.

Check out her facebook page, HERE.

Follow her on Instagram, @mc.knits16.

Follow her on Twitter @MCKnits.

Read more about her on her blog!

Don’t miss her booth at the ENC Artisans Marketplace on December 3 from 11AM to 4PM!

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