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Featured Artisan: Leslie Goren

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 9.48.40 AMLesley Goren is an artist and illustrator living in magical Topanga Canyon. She is interested in “place”, be it the woods, the city, or somewhere in between. Her paintings and drawings are an exploration of what makes a certain area unique. Especially of interest are places in and around Los Angeles County- the extremely diverse neighborhoods located within LA, the architecture, the landscapes, and the wildness which dots and surrounds the city.

Her latest work is a love note to the native plants of California. She explores their beauty through still lifes, botanical illustrations, textile designs, and more.

“I’ve learned about the importance of place, of specific place, in a world that is becoming homogenized and monochrome,” said Leslie. “I’ve realized we need to preserve our unique landscapes, especially the threatened wilderness that surrounds and dots our cities.”

Leslie Goren

Leslie makes images of native California plants to explore their mysteries and share their beauty. Her art exists between fine art and design and she hopes that people encounter her images in unexpected places. She wants people to ask, “why these plants?” “Why these landscapes?” She aims to affirm our connection to the natural world, and to stress the importance of preserving it.

Lesley has shown and sold her work in galleries and boutiques throughout California and beyond. She also creates commissioned art, patterns, and designs for clients and collectors.

Check out her great website HERE.

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