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Bats by Hamza

batBrown Bats are cute helpless little creatures there losing their homes every day. They’re being infected by a disease that is spreading to all bats in the world, and if we don’t save them they will be gone. Bats are part of the food chain, so if they die out then this will affect the food chain.

Bats are fuzzy and cuddly little animals. Don’t be scared of them because they won’t take your blood. Vampire bats are far away from California, and anyway, they don’t suck your blood. Interestingly, they take a small bite out of your skin then they lap up all the blood and fly off.

Bats use eco location to fly in the dark by shooting a small sound from their mouth and that sound bounces off of whatever’s in front of them and comes right back to them. The sound wave tells the bat to move a different way.

Bat poop is good fertilizer for plants. They’re also good helpers on eating mosquitos. Did you know bats eat in midair by scooping up its food by its bottom and putting the food into its mouth? ‘’Wow!’’

Did you know that bats are mammals? There are 1000 species of bats and only three of them are blood sucking. For more information of how to save bats go to Bat Conservation International. – by Hamza, 8 years old

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