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Intern Shelly says Goodbye

Shelly CrebbsDuring my time interning at the Environmental Nature Center, I was given the opportunity to learn more about nonprofits and the hard work and dedication that goes into making the ENC the successful organization it is today. I had the pleasure of working alongside the fun personalities of the ENC staff, all of whom show extreme passion for nature and education.

While interning at the ENC, I learned the importance of communicating information of news and events in order to engage the public with everything the ENC has to offer. I also got to partake in promoting fun classes and events at the ENC. I was given the opportunity to post on social media platforms and I learned how to create intriguing social media posts to appropriate audiences.

My favorite part about working at the ENC was working in nature and learning things I didn’t already know about the environment. I also loved working with the friendly staff. Everyone at the ENC was very knowledgeable and provided insight that helped me gain a better understanding of the industry. Getting to volunteer at the Fall Faire was a lot of fun and I look forward to volunteering at future events at the ENC.

Now that my internship has come to a close, I plan on looking for a job with either a nonprofit organization or the entertainment industry. I would also like to take some time to travel the world and learn all I can about various cultures.

My long-term goal is to find a permanent job working for a Public Relations agency. I hope to work in a field that I am passionate about such as nature, music, or beauty. My internship at the ENC has helped improve my writing and communication skills. The ENC has given me such a great internship experience that will benefit my future career. I am now eager to enter the workforce and I feel confident in my knowledge and capabilities in the PR industry. Thank you ENC! – Shelly Crebbs, ENC Communications Intern

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