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Restoring our Ocean

Nancy_Caruso4The Environmental Nature Center (ENC) will host Captain Nancy Caruso, Marine Biologist and Founder of “Get Inspired” on January 9, 2014 at 6PM.  Captain Caruso will discuss Ocean Restoration in Orange County. More information and to sign up to attend, go HERE.

The presentation will focus on local issues concerning ocean preservation. Captain Caruso will discuss programs that protect our oceans and their inhabitants like kelp, Green Abalone and White Sea bass.

Nancy Caruso is a Marine Biologist who works with programs like Science Expeditions, the Orange County Restoration Project and Autism Art.  Caruso has been awarded numerous awards including the Neighborhood Excellence Initiative Award in 2010, the Commitment to Education/ Ocean Science Leadership Award in 2011, the Ocean Hero Award in 2011 and the Wyland Foundation’s Earth Month Hero Award in 2012. She has spent 11 years researching kelp forests and is now working with kids and volunteer divers to restore Green Abalone and White Sea bass. The kids grow the Green Abalone and White Sea Bass and the volunteer divers help monitor them.

The Orange County Restoration Project’s goal is to restore Southern California’s kelp beds and spread awareness of the necessities of thriving kelp beds for our environment. Launched in 2001, the Orange County Restoration Project continues to successfully restore kelp beds with the help of volunteer divers and researchers.  – Kayla Bernard, ENC Intern

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