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Chhay the Nature Guy Joins ENC Staff


Today we welcomed new Naturalist Chhay Liv to the ENC family! Chhay’s personal philosophy is that “learning is a lifelong process.  Learning can be fun.” He has a passion for teaching science in the areas of biology, geology, chemistry, and physics.

“I have always been passionate about learning, and I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. I found myself educating others in the areas of science, conservation, and other related topics,” said Chhay.

Prior to working at the ENC, he earned the nickname “Chhay the Nature Guy” as a Naturalist at Oak Canyon Nature Center, a Science Educator at New Village Leadership Academy, and a Naturalist at Camp Titan at Cal State Fullerton where he majored in Biology with an emphasis in Biodiversity, Ecology, and Conservation and a minor in Geology.  He also worked as a Teaching Assistant at Thomas Paine Elementary, and as an Individual Study Program Mentor Teacher of elementary education.

Chhay is very excited to start work at the ENC and has even set some goals for himself.

“I want to put together a program in conjunction with Newport Harbor High School to educate students about renewable resources and our impact on the environment,” said Chhay.  “Who knows, maybe we could start something big.”

As well as an enthusiasm and passion for teaching, Chhay also enjoys camping, hiking and all of the adventures nature has to offer.

“I want to help people understand the importance of having a sense of community and our place on Earth,” said Chhay. “I’m happy to have an opportunity to do that at the ENC.”

– Kayla Bernard, ENC Intern

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