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Photography on the Trail

by Jorge Serrato, ENC Communications Intern

Have you ever wanted to go hiking and capture the moments? Well now you can, by joining us here at the ENC where we will teach you everything you need to know about hiking on the wild trails of beautiful Orange County. Throughout the year we have monthly opportunities for you to learn and understand the wonderful outdoor hiking experience. March 19th marks our Photography on the Trail hike which will be lead by our amazing Outreach Coordinator Mindy Schwartz for a fun filled 3-mile hike. You will have many opportunities to capture nature through your own lens and explore the beauty of the wildlife throughout the trail. Mindy will inform you of what you might encounter throughout the hike at the beginning during the mini seminar at the ENC and guide you through any new experiences you might see including native plants and animals.

Start making memories here with us by joining us for the Photography on the Trail hike and enjoy nature the way it was intended. Bring your camera, big or small, and enjoy taking photos throughout the trail of everything nature has to offer. Learn and explore the outdoors and document your findings throughout the trail to enjoy with your loved ones. Use this opportunity to fall in love with nature and introduce or strengthen your love for outdoor activities in a healthy positive way.

We will start our hike at the ENC for the mini seminar as mentioned above and move to the hiking location short after where our adventure will begin. You will be able to use many of our hiking tips and learn how they will work for you during the hike as all of our Mystery Treks Hiking Club members know from all the experiences they get to be a part of. If you are interested in becoming a member of the club click HERE for more information to take advantage of the hiking opportunities coming this year. ENC members also receive a discounted rate, see more HERE. Becoming a part of our wonderful organization not only helps us here at the ENC to continue to do the great work for the environment but also gives you perks as a member to most of our events held.

For more information please visit the link below:

ENC Mystery Treks Hiking Club: Photography on the Trail


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