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Immerse Your Spiritual Side In Eco-Therapy

by Jennifer Dawson, Freelance Contributor

Numerous studies are consistently proving that being outside makes you healthier and in many cases, it also helps to make us happier people. Spending more time with nature provides us with many benefits, no matter what age we are, from positive nature experiences for young children right up to helping fight the everyday stresses that adulthood entails. Nature helps us connect closer with our spiritual selves and enriches our experiences within the natural world even if we don’t always know why.

How we can connect better with nature

Whether we take a hike in the woods or take a boat out on a river, we all desire to spend time in nature to feed our spiritual side. However, one way we can connect better with nature is to see it in an intentional way, to really notice the spirit of things rather than simply the appearance of them. With everything that our day-to-day lives involves, we tend to rush around without truly seeing what is in front of us but if we start to teach our kids and ourselves what the natural world really gives us, then we become one step closer to our spiritual side.

Positive effects of nature

We benefit from nature in many different ways; not only does it provide us with food, water, and air but it’s also very beneficial to our health and well being. Spending time alone in nature and allowing ourselves to reflect on life are just some ways how spiritual health affects mental and physical well-being which has a positive impact on our inner selves. When we become more comfortable with our spiritual selves, we learn how to achieve a happier state through forgiveness and showing how much we care for others.

Things you can do

In addition to being mindful of the elements of nature, such as animals, plants, forests, water and natural beauty, we can also take other steps towards improving our spiritual health. Activities such as yoga and meditation help us to focus on our self-reflection and get to know our spiritual selves better by reducing depression, anxiety, and stress. Similarly, learning about our nature through the participation of camps and workshops or getting involved with community programs can help us have a better understanding of the natural world around us.

When you next feel low or want to connect deeper with your spiritual side, take some time out to embrace nature and reap the rewards to feel happier about yourself.

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