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Distance Learning Resources for Educators

Greetings Fellow Educators! 

With kids home from school, the ENC has shifted to providing learning opportunities from afar. Here is a list of distance learning resources cutared for you!

ENC Distance Learning Programs

The ENC’s Distance Learning programs bring field trips to students learning at home. Want to take a virtual hike with an ENC Naturalist? Visit our Distance Learning program to see what we have to offer! Your students will have the ability to ask and answer questions about what they observe in real time.  The curricula for each program supports the Next Generation Science Standards for each grade level. Our unique grade-specific programs enable students to participate year after year to build on previous learning. Students develop a coherent and scientifically-based view of the world around them as they build and deepen their knowledge. These core ideas build on each other, and on what they’re learning in their classrooms.

ENC #LearnfromHome YouTube Series

We post daily “Learn from Home” videos on our YouTube channel so you and your family can keep learning about nature and science.

ENC Live Streamed Programs

We are offering live streamed programs! Check our calendar for upcoming events, and follow us on Instagram, facebook and twitter for reminders.

More Resources:

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