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Featured Artisan: Derek Fretheim

derek-fretheim_natural-nativeDerek Fretheim’s jewelry is inspired by his Native Indian heritage and through the healing and energy properties contained within gemstones.

“All of my designs are purposeful. I combine the energy properties of the gemstones and use of color with traditional Native patterns as inspiration,” said Derek, “There is deep thought and meaning in every piece.In other words, they’re not just thrown together and mass produced.”

Gemstones, seed beads and cut crystal materials are all carefully selected and each and every piece has meaning and life. When Derek’s jewelry is worn it heals your sole, provides positive energy and/or deflects negative energy you may receive from others. There is spirit inside each piece. Derek believes in giving back to society and, more specifically retaining Native artwork and customs.

“We have forgotten that we as humans, we are all cousins and our common bond is living here and protecting our Mother Earth; our collective home,” said Derek.

A portion of Derek’s proceeds is donated to Native American causes that protect earthly traditions and Native American art and culture. See more of his jewelry at  www.natural-native.com

Derek’s jewelry will be available at our ENC Artisans Marketplace on December 3 from 11AM to 3PM. Fore more information about the Artisans Marketplace, visit our website.

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