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Featured Artisans: Carol Kumerow, Amy Punsalang-Fair, Jadyn Coulter and Katie Gerlt

Kumerow“Since I can remember I have always loved art, nature, animals. I’m self taught, I started tiling in 2005. My work has come a long when since I started… from what I tile on, to what I tile with. I found what are called Tiny Tiles, from Morocco, they start at 3mm to 10mm, yes tweezers are used. I also love using Italian Vitreous, Italian Millefiori, Stained Glass and Pewter beads/charms. I like to make useful pieces, pendants, mirrors, frames, coat/towel holders, leash holders, pictures, tables and I’ve even tiled chairs…” – Carol Kumerow, Mosaic Artist

giggling-ninja“My name is Amy and I’m the Giggling Ninja! I’m an Orange County native, beach lover,  run on sentence, maverick chef, karate instructor with a love of making the traditional non-traditional, saving the planet with my eco-fabulous items, and putting my own little spin on everything. I’m self taught and I’m fearless. I LOVE creating and I love custom orders!” – Amy Punsalang-Fair

CoulterJadyn Coulter is 11 years old and has been scroll sawing for the past three years. She is the youngest member of the Orange County Scroll Saw Association. She loves being creative and likes to do anything that is art related. Jadyn also beads and found a love for beading and crocheting necklaces. She has demonstrated scroll sawing at the OC fair because she wants to inspire other people to be creative and try new art forms.

2nd place winner, age 11 - 14, Katie Gerlt, age 14

Artistique Studios L.L.C. offers handmade jewelry, hand-knit accessories and the beautiful art, note cards and prints of award-winning teen artist, Katie Gerlt. For a second year, we are pleased to present the Sea Life Collection of note cards, which benefits the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach.

jennifer-phillips“I am a mosaic artist and a biologist. As an artist, I create mosaic figurines primarily of animals; as a biologist, I study bird coloration. Color and nature have always fascinated me, and now I play with true and stylized color patterns and hues in my beaded mosaics. I aim to create small pieces of art that reflect nature and with which people can form a connection like the one they have with animals in the world around us. After recently finishing my Ph.D., I decided to try to sell my mosaics for the first time at the ENC Artisan Marketplace. I first started making beaded figurines for my family after seeing Huichol art in high school. Since then my mosaics have evolved to reflect my changing interests in biology and coloration.” – Jennifer Phillips

marissa-robertson“Hello my name is Marissa Robertson. I am a 20 year aspiring photographer based in California. I grew up in Newport Beach and now go to college in San Luis Obispo. I have always had an interest in photography, and as I grew older and travel to more place, I want to capture and share the beauty of the world through the lens of my camera. I focus on all aspects of nature, from grand landscapes, to the animals that inhabit them, and even the tiniest of flowers. I hope you enjoy for photography and appreciate the stunning beauty that is all around us.” – Marissa Robertson

All of these artisans will be selling their wares at the ENC Artisans Marketplace on December 3 from 11AM to 3PM. Fore more information about the Artisans Marketplace, visit our website.

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