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Featured Artisan: Cat MacGregor

cat-macgregorA little over 15 years ago, Cat MacGregor began exploring and hiking in the local and state parks. She fell in love with the quiet surroundings out on a trail, the focus involved to safely navigate new trails, and disconnecting from the world. A few years later on a trip to England armed with a 3 megapixel camera she fell in love with photographing her adventures. When she came home the two, hiking and photography, merged. Finding new ways to look at the same beautiful vistas, documenting the adventures on the trail, and the views at lunch became her outlet. Away from the city, she captures the moody bayous, lonely trees, cheeky squirrels, and found tree gnomes and new friends in her Imaginarium series.

She is currently based out of Costa Mesa, CA and travels wherever she can get to – by car, train, or plane. Occasionally hitch hiking to get a little closer. She enjoys sharing the story behind each photograph and learning how others connect to her photographs. Cat regularly displays her work in local galleries, art fairs, and private exhibitions. See more of her photography at  www.catmacphoto.com

“However you enjoy photography, cell phone, point and shoot, or DSLR, have fun. Get outside, capture your adventures and share,” said Cat.

Cat’s photography will be available for sale at the ENC Artisans Marketplace on December 3 from 11AM to 3PM. Fore more information about the Artisans Marketplace, visit our website.

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