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Volunteer Spotlight: Jeff Stuckhardt

volunteer (noun): a person who voluntarily undertakes a service. – Merriam-Webster Dictionary

This is exactly what Jeff Stuckhardt does. He serves.

Over the past year, Jeff has volunteered more than 400 hours at the ENC. Beginning as a Museum Docent, he greeted guests and provided information about the center. When he expressed interest in teaching, the ENC staff jumped at the chance to bring him onto the Naturalist team. Jeff’s master’s degree in teaching science and experience as a former middle school science teacher certainly came in handy!

“It doesn’t get any better than a volunteer who knows science and knows teaching and wants to give his time freely to something he cares about and believes in. The world would be a better place if there were more people like Jeff in it!”, says Director of Education, Lori Whalen.

Jeff not only educates, but also inspires children about the wonders of nature. “I love working with children of all ages, but I especially enjoy what I get back from them when I see their excitement learning about nature”, says Jeff. He encourages both kids and adults to explore the 5-acre “hidden gem” of a nature center. “Being a volunteer at the nature center has provided me an opportunity to give back to the community and to be an influence on the lives of children as it relates to nature. I am surprised at how fulfilling it is for me to be a part of such wonderful and unique programs here at the Environmental Nature Center”.

We just wanted to take a moment to appreciate Jeff, who selflessly serves the ENC and the community. Thank you, Jeff!

– Alexandria Raeann Choy, ENC Communications Intern

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