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Children and Nature go Hand in Hand

Camper_squareIn these modern times it can be quite difficult to immerse kids into nature and yet children and nature go hand in hand. Nature plays a crucial role in developing a child’s social, emotional, and physical maturity. But don’t worry! The Environmental Center is here to help! Down at the ENC we have 5 acres of nature and trails that a person of any age can enjoy. We also have a nature museum with all sorts of fun filled and interactive learning tools.

Visit our Summer Nature Camp page to learn moreThis summer, starting on June 27th, the Environmental Nature Center will be hosting 8 sessions of Summer Nature Camp. Each of these sessions holds a different theme that will be played out by our amazing staff through an assortment of fun activities. This Summer Nature Camp is a great way to get children immersed in nature while also teaching them all about the many sciences that have roles in the environment. This camp will be bustling with many wide-eyed youngsters so it is a perfect place to socialize and have fun all while learning about the many wonders of nature. Growing children are in constant need of food and water but what people don’t know is that nature and fresh air is just as important for the development of kids. So don’t wait any longer go to the Environmental Nature Center’s website today!

Lori_Camp DirectorFull Day Nature Camp (9AM to 3PM) costs $265/student per session ($238.50 for members).
Half Day Nature Camp (9AM to 1PM) costs $180/student per session ($162 for members).

These fees cover the cost of instruction, art and laboratory supplies, and organic cotton camp T-shirts.

For more information go to: www.encenter.org or call: 949-645-8489

– Kyle Hardenburg, ENC Communications Intern

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