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Nature Camp Themes

Session 1: Amazing Animals. June 21 – 25

If your camper loves animals, they will love this camp. Animal lovers will get a closer look at the animals that inhabit our world through games, hands-on activities, and crafts. Campers will get some up-close and personal time with some of the native animals that live in and around the ENC. Whether your child is just beginning to burrow into the world of animals or is an animal expert, this is the purr-fect camp for them.

Session 2: Planet Protectors. June 28 – July 1

Your child will transform into a steward of the Earth as they meet vulnerable and threatened native wildlife, participate in service learning projects, and create solutions for some of our planet’s most pressing environmental problems.

Session 3: Earth Rocks! July 5 – 9

This session is all about Earth Science!  From volcanoes, to weather, to earthquakes, your child will learn all about the inner workings of Planet Earth.  Their curiosity will be sparked by hands-on projects involving rocks, dirt, sand, and water.

Session 4: California Adventure. July 12 – 16

What makes our home so special?  We are fortunate to live in a state with a lush diversity of habitats, plant communities, and wildlife!  Campers will learn all about our state flora and fauna, as well as our National Parks System.  They will develop a sense of pride for living in the great state of California as they learn about our natural history and the people who inhabited this land before us.

Session 5: Legends & Lore. July 19 – 23

In this session campers will explore myths, legends, lore, and cultures from around the world, as they pertain to plants and animals.  Each day campers will meet one of our native animals and use their imaginations as we ‘travel’ around the world to learn how different cultures envisioned tales and folklore about these types of animals.  Campers will even create their own legends inspired by their time at the ENC!

Session 6: Creativity in Nature. July 26 – 30

Nature has inspired talented artists since people lived in caves!  Campers will draw inspiration from the Nature Center to create amazing masterpieces across multiple media. Artists will tap into their creative genius with guided curriculum and help from the great outdoors. The natural world offers the opportunity for children to return to their roots as they draw, design, paint, and create their way toward beautiful works of art. This camp will culminate in an all-camp art show on the final day of this camp week.

Session 7: Nature Detectives. August 2 – 6 

Nature detectives will dig into the mysteries of nature and science first-hand. They will unravel some of nature’s secrets, separating fact from fiction. While sleuthing, they will come to understand more about nature and the science of mystery itself. Send your own Sherlock Holmes to get dirty and sticky and perhaps even wet in the pursuit of the truth and how the world works!

Session 8: Science Superstars. August 9 – 13

Campers will learn about crazy critters and perform exceptional experiments, exploring everything from crabby crustaceans to gooey ooblek. Scientists will investigate the strange, learning not only how things happen, but more importantly why. Your camper will have a blast during this week of experimentation, outdoor inquiry, and play. Remember—it’s not magic, it’s science!

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