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Holiday gift packaging got you down?

EPS-foamHoliday gift packaging got you down?  Don’t know what to do with all of that Styrofoam packing material?  Waste for Waves has it covered!

Waste for Waves uses donated Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam that cannot be recycled, and turns it into surfboard blanks and other “eco-friendlier” surfing products.

The process is simple. Any expanded polystyrene foam used to protect boxed items (like toys, electronics, etc.) can be used to make surfboards. The EPS only needs to be clean and white. The foam is collected and reprocessed, then used to make recycled surfboard blanks. 

Thank you, Waste for Waves, for reducing the trash going into our landfills and oceans! The bins can be found at participating surf shops found across California. To find the list of surf shops involved, visit the Waste for Waves website. – Kayla Bernard, ENC Intern

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