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Help Wanted! Great teen leaders!

Singing at Break3Help Wanted! Here at the ENC we are looking for some fantastic teens to volunteer in great leadership positions! The Environmental Nature Center has begun accepting applicants for our Leaders in Training program. During this program teens will be given the opportunity to lead kids through instruction and by example in all sorts of nature and science activities. These “LITs” will guide kids through fun-filled activities where they will learn various leadership skills and understand what it means to be a role-model.

Jenna_small“Our young campers really look up to their teen leaders and emulate their behaviors,” says Lori Whalen, the education director for the ENC. “If an L.I.T. brings a reusable water bottle to camp, you will frequently see his or her campers bring one the next day. If the campers see an L.I.T. picking up trash, you are sure to see a handful of campers searching out trash as they walk the trails as well.”

M2080003This program helps our leaders in training grow out of their comfort zone and learn to communicate and teach with enthusiasm and clarity. These skills will help our leaders in training well into their adulthood and can give them the confidence and leadership they need to start their careers! Learn more about our Leaders in Training program on our website! – Kyle Hardenburg, ENC Communications Intern

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