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Heavy Rains! Collect it!

Rain BarrelsIf you’ve noticed this season’s rainfall seems a bit heavy, you’re right. Meteorologists are saying this is Southern California’s worst storm in years, with us experiencing record-setting downpours and flooding. With these surprising storms and heavy rains, there is no better time to learn how to put that extra rainfall to good use.

Cindy Berglund of Rain Barrels Intl. will join us to teach everyone the benefits of using a rain barrel. Cindy will show you how to install your rain barrel and share her other water conservation tips, so you can efficiently harvest your own rainwater and be water smart!

Rain barrels must be purchased in advance by February 1st for $65.00 + tax for this event, but Cindy will show you how to apply for a $35 rebate from the MWD! These 55 gallon barrels, available in black or terra cotta, are made from recycled food-grade plastic and include a spigot garden hose attachment, overflow with cap and a screen to keep out bugs.

Don’t let all that precious rainwater go to waste, purchase a rain barrel today at www.rainbarrelsintl.com and Cindy will teach you the rest.

by Chelsea Moreno, ENC Communications Intern

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