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EVENTually, all good internships come to an end.

By: Connie Loo, Event Planning Intern

I have been volunteering at the Environmental Nature Center for the past ten weeks as an event planning intern. The Environmental Nature Center is a great place for children to learn about nature through hands-on experience in five acres of nature trails. I would definitely recommend the ENC as a great place for families to go to enjoy nature, to look through animal exhibits, and to even host events. From their nature camps to their toy swaps, all that the ENC does demonstrates how much their staff cares about sustainability and people.

My favorite day so far at the ENC has been their groundbreaking day for their Nature Preschool.

I clearly saw how much effort the staff put into setting things up for the Nature Preschool through their excitement and attention to detail in preparing for the event. A great example of this is the adorable fort they made out of branches and twigs to display at the celebration. Just looking at the fort makes me imagine how wonderful it would be for kids to be able to learn in such a great and fun environment. I really enjoyed helping to move the signs, centerpieces and tables to prepare for the groundbreaking celebration as well as taking calls as a docent during the event because I knew I was helping a very dedicated staff celebrate something they worked really hard on that would continuously benefit their community.

During my time at the ENC, I have also learned what it is like to work at a nonprofit- it’s fun because of the creative freedom as well as fulfilling because of its cause, but also busy because of “all the hats you have to wear” (as Heather, ENC’s facility manager would often say). I didn’t personally experience the work pressure, but I observed all the hard work Heather had to go through in order to make sure events, things inside the nature museum, and the gift shop ran smoothly.

Some of the other things I did during my internship were filing event folders, shadowing two nature educators, helping to make materials for different programs offered at the nature center, organizing the gift shop and making a spreadsheet of sustainable caterers and services for a green wedding expo. Overall, I have enjoyed my internship at the ENC. It has been a valuable experience, and I hope more people will volunteer there and attend their events in the future.

For more information on internships at the Environmental Nature Center, click HERE.

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