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ENC Now Open Sundays!

The Environmental Nature Center is now open Sundays!  That’s right!  Now you can get your Nature fix seven days a week. Monday through Friday 8AM to 5PM, and Saturday and Sunday 8AM to 4PM.  Come take a quiet walk with your family, go on a picnic,  or read a book by the stream.  If you’re a Scout Leader you can schedule a Scout Program for your troop!

If you enjoy the nightlife, we are hosting a Full Moon Walk this Monday, 10-29-12 at 6PM.  Reservations are required. Join us and learn interesting facts about the Moon and how it affects our daily lives.

Also, this week we are debuting our helpful “Tips to Help the Planet” segment.

Tip to Help the Planet: Use one less napkin per day. If every American did this, more than a billion napkins would be saved from landfills.  Better yet, use re-usable napkins! – J. Sattari, ENC Intern

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