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Easy Campfire Recipes That Kids Love To Make

by Jennifer Dawson, Freelance Contributor

As spring is almost here, it’s expected that children will be eager to head outdoors for some active and healthful fun. As kids benefit from spending time in nature, it is important to give them the opportunities to do so as often as possible for their health and well-being. One of the best ways that children can enjoy fresh air and sunshine is to go camping, which is still one of America’s favorite outdoor activities. But before sending your little ones to nature camp, you may want to teach them a few basic skills to have a more enjoyable time while camping. Learning to cook, in particular, will always be a useful skill that serves your children well in camp and will also benefit them as they grow into adults. You can start by teaching them easy yet tasty recipes that they can make with simple ingredients. But first, some safety cooking tips to help your child stay injury-free while cooking in camp.

The basics of grill safety

If your child isn’t old enough to grill on his or her own, remind your little one to always cook with an adult in camp. Encourage children to wear protective clothing to protect themselves while grilling and to use tongs or other cooking tools to handle hot food. Older children can be taught the basics of meat cooking times to avoid cooking mishaps and to ensure that meat dishes turn out perfectly. Children should also be on the lookout for potential hazards such as a dirty grill or errant sparks from hot charcoal briquettes. Once barbecue safety has been covered, try teaching your children to make these easy campfire treats.

Sausage and vegetable skewers

Fresh vegetables and savory sausage on a stick offer a nice change from hotdogs and burgers. To make, simply skewer cherry tomatoes, cut-up bell peppers, and bite-sized pieces of sausage. Brush the veggies and sausages with some oil before placing on the grill. Grill on each side for about 5 minutes or until the sausages are done. Remove the veggies and sausages from the skewers and serve hot with some crusty bread.

Campfire fondue

A treat for chocoholics, campfire fondue is easy to make and it only takes a few ingredients to create this luscious dessert. In a pot, combine a cup of chocolate chips with one-fourth cup of evaporated milk. Place the pot on the campfire and wait for a few minutes until the chocolate has completely melted. Take the pot off the campfire and stir. Add a dash of vanilla or cinnamon if desired. Serve with skewered marshmallows, fruit, and breadsticks.

Egg and mushroom burritos

These burritos are perfect for breakfast or as a hearty snack. All you need are some eggs, soft tortillas, chopped mushrooms, a dash of salt, pepper, and mild salsa. In a bowl, scramble the eggs with a fork and add the salt and pepper. Fold in mushrooms and cook in an iron pan over the campfire. Gradually stir the egg mixture until it sets. Fill tortillas with the scrambled egg and roll. You can put half a teaspoon of mild salsa in the burrito or use it as a dipping sauce.

Teach your kids how to make these tasty treats at home before they head to nature camp. Your children and their friends are sure to thank you once they get to taste these amazing campfire eats.

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