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ENC Preschool

A nature based early learning center

Mission: to provide education and nature exploration for the young children of Orange County in an effort to increase early environmental awareness and appreciation.

The ENC Nature Preschool will offer children a high quality learning environment that meets their developmental needs while initiating them into a life-long, meaningful relationship with the natural world.  It will engage parents in active learning, serve as a model nature preschool, and provide a research forum on early childhood and environmental education.

The ENC’s Nature Pre-school will have play areas but no playgrounds. Students will spend the majority of the day outdoors, where they will have ample time for unfacilitated nature experiences.  Qualified early childhood educators and environmental educators will teach them the basics of a typical preschool and more.  Indoor spaces will be warm, welcoming and conducive to learning. Download our brochure for more details!

“We will have one rule: We start each day outside, every day.”
– ENC Executive Director Bo Glover.
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