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Benefits of Learning in Nature

RavensWith education steering more and more towards learning through technology, it is crucial to be reminded why learning outside of a screen is beneficial for your child.

Learning outside supports creativity and problem solving in children, enhances cognitive abilities, and improves academic performance. Studies in the US have shown strong progress in social studies, science, language arts, and math through nature based education programs. It also helps reduce anxious energy and promotes focus. Being outside is also a stress reliever, which is highly beneficial for students who are put under a tremendous amount of pressure these days. Forming relationships also comes more naturally to students in nature based education, for they are experiencing social interactions away from a screen.

Along with helping mentally, nature based education has physical benefits as well. Students getting outside are more physically active, and tend to have better nutrition habits.

Getting kids outside can make learning more relevant and helps develop deeper interests by exposing them to more real life opportunities.

That being said, join the ENC for the first ever homeschool day on November 29th, 2017 1:30-4:30pm. Stations will be set up along our trails that will make connections to social studies, science, language arts, and math. Feel free to wander about the trail at your own pace during this change of scenery for you and your learner!

– Tori Jankovich, ENC Communications Intern

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