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Animal Care Interns help the ENC and learn vital skills

by Jorge Serrato, ENC Communications Intern

There are many learning opportunities here at ENC and if you are an animal lover like our new wonderful animal care interns you might be interested in learning how they were able to land a spot working side by side with our animal care expert Valerie Bain. Christine and Shelbe are both students at California State University, Fullerton studying Biology and Karis is in the 10th grade at Home School Campus of Costa Mesa. Christine enjoys the outdoors by hiking and fishing in her spare time, immersing herself in nature any chance she gets. Shelbe enjoys using her free time exploring all of the wonderful sights and scenes So-Cal has to offer. She is originally from Sacramento. Karis, the youngest of the three lovers, has given more than 60 hours of her time helping with a multitude of animals.

These amazing ladies are taking charge of educating themselves about the animal care process with the help of our wonderful team. Interning here will allow them to become involved in the community and enhance their skills in the workplace. Not only will they gain knowledge, they will enhance the learning experience for our program participants. We hope they have an amazing time here and can take advantage of all we have to offer during their Animal Care Internship.

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