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Traveling Naturalist: Adult

Select the links below to view details about each program.  Check out our adult Traveling Naturalist programs targeted toward educators HERE. To book a Traveling Naturalist call 949-645-8489 or email Sama Wareh.


Environmental Nature Center Naturalists are available to present a hands-on workshop at your location (or at our Nature Center) on the topics listed below. Presentations are appropriate for any adult audience, including service clubs (Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions), gardening clubs, college classes, professional organizations, conferences and non-profits. Pricing depends on program length.

1.5 hours. ‘Got Yoga?’ Well the ENC does and we’ll bring it to you! Get your family, co-workers, church group, or friends together and our ENC Naturalist and Yoga teacher will come to your space. We offer a beginning to intermediate level yoga experience in the comfort and convenience of your own surroundings. Tuition: $10/adult ($150 minimum).

2 hours. Want to learn about some of California’s amazing native plants and animals? What better way than by drawing them in their habitats? Through lessons in shading and texture techniques, participants will learn how to draw a variety of native plants and animals. All materials are provided, including recycled keepsake ENC pencils. Tuition: $13/adult ($200 minimum).

2 hours. During the 1890s, Kate Furbish, a biologist and artist, collected local plants and produced highly detailed and beautiful botanical illustrations. In this workshop, participants will learn how to illustrate native plants and create a naturalist field guide sketch-book for identifying and studying plants. All materials provided. Tuition: $13/adult ($200 minimum).

2 hours. How do you make art that lasts forever while maintaining a low environmental impact? Participants will follow in the footsteps of famous natural materials artist Andy Goldsworthy, and learn to do just that! This workshop will explore composition, color, balance, and textures in a fun hands-on photography and natural elements arrangement class. Art will be created using recycled materials and natural components, photographed, then left in place to decompose of blow away! All materials are provided. Tuition: $13/adult ($200 minimum).

2 hours. This workshop is designed for the teacher, Scout leader, or curious explorer that is interested in learning techniques to help children unleash their creativity! When is it appropriate to tell them to stay in the lines and when is it not? How do you show someone else how to draw? This workshop will cover the basics. Learn ways to use patterns from nature to sharpen your students’ observation skills. Tuition: $13/adult ($200 minimum).

2 hours. ‘Wait! Don’t throw that used gift card away! Stop! Save that junk mail for me!’ These are just a few new phrases you might be adding to your everyday lingo after taking this fun recycled jewelry-making workshop. Drink native white sage tea while creating beautiful earrings, necklaces, and bracelets out of recycled and discarded materials. All materials provided. Tuition: $13/adult ($200 minimum).

Have you heard of “furoshiki?”  These beautiful Japanese wrapping cloths have been getting a lot of attention lately.  They’re an eco-friendly way to wrap gifts, carry groceries, decorate the home, and so much more!  Join ENC Naturalist Leslie Helliwell for an evening of creative wrapping, and learn techniques for wrapping everything from wine bottles to watermelons! This program is for adults. Cost is $100 per group, max 10.

Lecture Series

Environmental Nature Center Naturalists are available to visit your meeting or class to present a lecture on the topics listed below. You are also welcome to schedule the program here in one of our classrooms.  Presentations are appropriate for any adult audience, including service clubs (Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions), gardening clubs, college classes, professional organizations, homeowners associations and non-profits.

1 hour: 45 minutes presentation, 15 minutes for questions. We know what plants do for us, but what does wildlife do for our garden? The cycle of life can happen in your very own backyard. Find out why having insects, mice, birds, butterflies, and bees should be welcomed guests in your yard. In this riveting lecture, you will discover fascinating facts about native animals, plants, and the health benefits of gardening. $100/presentation.

1 hour: 45 minutes presentation, 15 minutes for questions. Being ‘green’ is becoming more important to homeowners and businesses, but what exactly does that mean and where do you begin? This presentation describes the green building techniques that went into development of the ENC’s Platinum LEED building and the reasons behind the incorporation of each green feature. Learn how to make your home and business more environmentally friendly, reduce your carbon footprint and incorporate renewable energy. $100/presentation.

1 hour: 45 minutes presentation, 15 minutes for questions. But they’re only plants, right? Wrong! Nationwide, invasive non-native plants cost us an estimated $33 billion per year. An ENC Naturalist will tell you why non-native plants are such a problem—how they displace native plants and wildlife, increase wildfire and flood danger, consume valuable water and degrade recreational opportunities. We’ll learn where these plants came from, why they were brought here, and what we can do to protect our precious wildlands. $100/presentation.

1 hour: 45 minutes presentation, 15 minutes for questions. As of October 2008, the California Department of Fish and Game listed 158 animals and 156 plants as threatened or endangered. While many are familiar with the plight of ‘celebrity’ species like the Giant Panda, Polar Bear, and Mountain Gorilla, few are aware that there are several species right here in Orange County that need our help. Learn about local endangered animals – why they are endangered and what we can do to protect our wildland neighbors. $100/presentation.

1 hour: 45 minutes presentation, 15 minutes for questions. With water shortages nationwide and around the globe, water conservation is becoming a bigger issue than ever before. An ENC Naturalist will delve into the world of water—from the big picture to what is happening right here in Orange County. This presentation highlights water cycles, watersheds, water sampling, water rights, indoor and outdoor conservation and interesting facts and trivia about the amounts of water that go into production. $100/presentation.

45 minutes presentation, 15 minutes for questions. The CLIMATE REALITY presentation helps us understand our roles as humans in taking positive action for improving the way we interact and use our world’s resources.  This presentation by Michael Winters, CEO of Water Solutions For Life, stimulates action-oriented dialog to empower real, local action.Droughts, floods, heat waves, insect outbreaks, wildfires, and sea level rise – we are encountering the reality of our changing climate every day. This latest presentation developed by Al Gore and the Climate Reality project highlight the extreme weather events of the past couple years and connects their increased frequency and intensity to anthropogenic climate change. The majority of the worlds’ scientists agree that burning of fossil fuels is changing the climate. There are those who would like to plant the seed of doubt about this reality. This new presentation will use scientific data to debunk the myths and misinformation being presented. Solutions are the final piece of the presentation; hopefully leaving everybody with the hope and inspiration that together we can turn the situation around and leave a better planet for future generations. Assemblies, $285/1st assembly (up to 150 students) $100 for each assembly thereafter on the same day.

1 hour.  Many cultures tell stories about the stars and their meanings.  Join ENC Naturalist Leslie Helliwell on the darkest night of the month under the New Moon to learn to identify some of the major constellations and enjoy the tales that the Greek storytellers told as we sit under the stars.  Cost is $100 per group.

1 hour. Join ENC Naturalist Leslie Helliwell as she tells us all about her favorite animal – bats! Learn all about these amazing nocturnal animals through an informative presentation. Learn about echolocation, local bat populations, and where bats can be viewed without disturbing them. No live bats are use during this presentation. Cost is $100 per group.

1 hour. Join Leslie Helliwell, the ENC’s resident Butterfly Wrangler for an informative presentation all about butterflies. Learn about metamorphosis, and what makes butterflies different from moths.  Find out about locally endangered butterflies and what is threatening them. Discover where they go in the winter, how they sleep, how they mate and how they go to the bathroom!  Leslie will answer all of your questions! Cost is $100 per group.

1 hour. Join ENC Naturalist Leslie Helliwell for an informative presentation all about hummingbirds. Hummingbirds, called flying jewels by the early Spanish explorers hover in space, power dive and fly backwards and sideways!  Learn where these tiny bits of non-stop energy get their fuel, discover how they broadcast their color, and learn which plants depend on them for pollination.  Cost is $100 per group.

Mileage: No mileage fee will be charged for locations within 10 miles of the ENC. A $1.00 per mile fee (round trip) will be charged to locations beyond 10 miles with a minimum charge of $35.

After your program, please take our brief survey.

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