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Winter (Camp) is coming…

It’s time for every child’s favorite winter pastime… The moment every kid anticipates…  Even more exciting than presents and delicious cookies still warm from the oven… Winter Camp!

ENC Winter Camp starts Dec. 26th.  It is brimming with fun learning activities and new experiences around every corner. We asked a few of our awesome Camp Teachers to describe their favorite Winter Camp activity:

Sarah is looking forward to Time Traveler’s Week (Dec. 26 – 28). She will be teaching campers about three periods in history: the time of the Native Americans, the Wild West, and the Groovy 70s. On Wild West day the kids will learn about fire safety and bake fresh bread over an open fire!

Leslie will be facilitating some good old-fashioned nature play.  Studies by the American Academy of Pediatrics state that playing is essential to the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical well being of a child. Leslie is excited to give her campers a chance to let their vivid imaginations run wild.

Meghan is excited about making paper with pressed leaves. It is a key skill for any survivalist looking to send a message.  We hope to see you at Winter Camp! – J. Sattari, ENC Intern

Eco-friendly tip of the week: Turn off your computer when you’re finished working. Turning off a computer as opposed to putting it to sleep can save roughly $90 a year on electricity bills.

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