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What is was like as an ENC Green Event Planning and Outreach Intern!

Makena stirring chili to be served at our Teacher’s Night Out event.

Interning for the ENC taught me a lot of things – from planning events to what it is like to work for a nonprofit organization. Being the event planning assistant, I got hands-on experience helping with large events such as the Artisan Marketplace in addition to smaller events such as a wedding brunch and our Condors and Cocktails fundraising event. Here, I helped not only with set up and take down but also with checking in vendors and guests and helping the events run smoothly. Being the outreach assistant, I helped with events such as Teacher’s Night Out and Hummingbird Parenting. In addition to this, I was able to attend an event on my own to do outreach for the ENC which allowed me to gain more experience in outreach and increase my community outreach skills.

Throughout this experience, I was also asked to help with keeping track of data using excel. I found this very helpful as I was in need of some experience using excel. I also spent time organizing the inventory for events as well as the outreach supplies. In addition to this, I got to do some research related to effective outreach tools and helped design a plinko game for outreach. Lastly, I was invited to attend a field trip the team took to see and learn about the sustainability of another company. I learned a lot about what it takes to get compliance from employees and ideas to increase the sustainability of a business. I found this field trip very useful and am grateful to have been invited.

All in all, I found the entire staff at the ENC to be both helpful and welcoming throughout this whole experience. I learned a lot of useful lessons that I can’t wait to use in Portland, Oregon which is where I am moving and why I am ending my time here with the ENC. I recently updated my resume, and adding what I have been doing at the ENC for the past 4 months felt very rewarding and made me appreciate this experience even more. – Makena Dandley, ENC Green Event Planning and Outreach Intern

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