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Girl Scout Programs

Scout programs can be scheduled at either the Environmental Nature Center in Newport Beach or at Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary in Modjeska Canyon. Our Girl Scout programs have been developed to satisfy the requirements of the Girl Scout Council of the United States. Except where noted, all programs are available year round. Here are answers to frequently asked questions:

How long are your scout programs? Most last up to 1.5 hours.

How much do your scout programs cost? Most cost $8 per participant. Minimum fee for most programs: $80. No fee for adults.

Can I purchase the patch there? Petals and badges are not available for purchase except where noted. We have ENC patches for sale in our gift shop. ENC patches are $3, and scout “fun patches” are $1.50.

How do I schedule?

1. Read the information on this page and decide on a program you’d like to do.

2. Check your calendar and the calendars of everyone else who will be coming BEFORE scheduling to avoid unnecessary rescheduling. Have a few preferred dates chosen. We prefer to schedule programs at least 2 months in advance. Please read our cancellation policy (below).

3. Please have only ONE person from your troop call (949) 645-8489,  email us, or complete the online at the end of the page. When multiple people contact us on behalf of a troop there are frequently miscommunications.

4. A credit card number is needed to reserve a program, a charge is not automatically made however if there is a no show or a cancellation/reschedule 2 weeks from the scheduled program the minimum fee will be automatically charged.

Can we bring siblings and parents? In order for the scouts to have the best scouting experience it is ideal for them to spend time together as a troop w/o their siblings and parents – with just a leader and co-leader as chaperones. That said, if parents and siblings want to attend that is fine.  If siblings participate then we just ask that you pay for them.  The maximum number of children we can accommodate in a group is 20.

Will the program complete the entire Journey? No. When the Journeys came out, ENC staff read though the books and created 1.5 hour programs that are an overview of select Journeys, which are meant to be accomplished through the school year. We chose to include activities mentioned in the Journey books that we are good at doing, that we ENJOY doing, and which may be more difficult for leaders to accomplish without a Nature Center at their disposal.

Cancellation Policy:

If cancellations or reschedules occur at least two weeks before the program, no fees apply. If cancellations or reschedules occur within two weeks before the date of the program, the minimum fee for the scheduled program will be charged. Fees do not apply if cancellations occur due to inclement weather.

Available Girl Scout Programs:

Daisy Flower Garden Journey

On a hike through the nature center, your Daisies will learn about local flowers and the mysteries of the daisies. The Girl Scouts delve into why pollinators are important and take part in a bee waggle dance game. The secrets of leaves are revealed as they do leaf rubbings of one of our interesting leaves found at the ENC. Using our compost-learning center, the girls will discover decomposers and meet a live animal that decomposes!

Daisy Between Earth and Sky Journey

Daisies embark on a journey as they discover how seeds travel by analyzing big, small, spiky, and fluffy seeds. As they hike through our woodland ecosystem, the girls explore the importance of trees and take part in a bark rubbing activity. The Girl Scouts play a game to learn about the directions on a compass and get creative as they create art with the mission of only use natural elements. This program is packed with adventures embracing multiple nature topics!

Daisy 3 Cheers for Animals Journey

Hop, jump, crawl and slither along with our many animal friends in this creature-featured journey! Your Girl Scouts explore how animals communicate by identifying different animal sounds. The Daisies learn about some flying animals by analyzing real bird nests and having a one scout morph into a butterfly!  An animal listening game reveals the important sense of hearing. We’ll finish our adventure with fun animal yoga moves! Also available as a Traveling Naturalist program

Daisy Eco Learner

Nature can teach us so many things! Sometimes it is helpful to bring special things with us when we are in nature, and sometimes it is important to take things out of nature that don’t belong. Scouts will learn how to prepare a pack that protects nature when going outdoors and the best ways to hike a trail in order to keep nature safe and healthy. Along our trails, we will demonstrate how items like trash and waste do not belong in nature and what we should do if we see any of those items.

Brownies Wonders of Water Journey

The Earth is 70% water! That’s fascinating! Your Brownies become a part of the water cycle and learn the different steps within the cycle. As they hike the trails, the girls learn the importance of protecting aquatic habitats and meet a toad! They will work together on a skit to realize the actions they can take to conserve water. After a fun interactive game on wasting water, the Brownies will take a personal pledge to not waste water.

Brownie Hiker Activity Badge From the Wonders of Water Journey

Get ready for an adventure! During a hike along the trails, Brownies will learn everything they need to know about hiking. With a fun game the Girl Scouts set up trail signs, create a hiking map, and dress each other up as they learn about hiking gear essentials. The girls hope to not get a “rotten tomato card” as they do an interactive activity when discovering what snacks are needed on a hike. At the end of the program, the Brownies will discover different ways they can appreciate nature and discuss the Leave No Trace motto. This program completes the requirements for the Brownie Hiker Legacy Badge.

Brownie Bugs Legacy Badge

Turn that reaction about bugs from “EW!” into an “AWESOME!” Bring your Girl Scouts to the ENC or Tucker to discover these little creatures in action as they hike the trails looking for bugs. Brownies will get up close and personal with some arthropod friends through a fun anatomy song and drawing. The Girl Scouts put their creativity hats on as they make a model of a bug’s “house” and with a groovy tie-dyed butterfly craft. There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to bugs! This program completes the requirements for the Brownie Bugs Legacy Badge. Also available as a Traveling Naturalist program.

Brownie Eco Friend

As a girl scout, we know it is always important to practice kindness with one another, but have you thought about the importance of being kind to nature too? There are so many ways we can be kind to nature, starting with making discoveries about the nature around you. Scouts will be creative in “interviewing” a plant or animal and telling their story and will learn about using observation skills to go on a scavenger hike to find animal homes. At the end of the program, the girls will learn the proper ways to build an extinguish a camp fire.

Juniors Get Moving Journey

Energy makes the world go ‘round! In this electrifying program, your Girl Scouts use solar car toys to discover the differences between renewable and non-renewable energy. The Junior Girl Scouts will understand the connection of reusing items and saving energy as they take part in eye-opening activities and games using single use materials. By performing a skit and taking a unique personal pledge, each Girl Scout will leave with an understanding and a passion to conserve energy!

Juniors Animal Habitats Activity Badge From the Amuse Journey

The Girl Scouts will hike through the nature center habitats, work together to perform a skit about wild animals, build a animal “home” using natural materials, and take action to protect animals. In addition, each Junior Girl Scout will get a chance to meet a live amphibian as they take in information about international and local endangered habitats. This program completes the requirements for the Juniors Animal Habitat Badge.

Juniors Flowers Legacy Badge

There’s more to flowers than just beauty! During this program, Juniors unlock the secrets of flowers. Your Girl Scouts will go on a flower hunt and learn how to identify some local native flowers. They will discover how some flowers and other plant parts from certain species are used for medicine. The girls will stop and smell the flowers as they observe pollinators and play a fun flower scent game. Lastly, the Girl Scouts will create a recycled flower craft which they can give as a gift. This program completes the requirements for the Flower Legacy Badge.

Junior Eco Camper

Camping can be one of the most fun activities to do in nature. As a camper, you are a guest in nature’s home! Scouts will learn the Seven Principles of Leave No Trace by playing a fun game and interviewing an ENC Naturalist. Camp prep can be easy once you learn how to plan environmentally friendly snacks and how to make a low-impact campsite. Lastly, girls will take part in a conservation hike, so they know how to spot and record the wildlife they will be helping by being an Eco Camper!

Cadette “Trees” Legacy Badge

While on a hike, the Cadettes eat a tree/plant dish straight from the trails! The Girl Scouts immerse themselves in tree knowledge as they learn the different parts of the trees, inspect tree cookies, debate logging, and plant a tree they can take home. After a fun poem reading, the girls will get creative and write their own tree poem. This program completes the requirements for the Tree Legacy Badge-Cadettes must look over their tree for a month.

Cadette Eco Trekker

Trekking can be a fun way to spend time in nature. Interviewing a naturalist can be a great way to learn more about how we can have a minimal impact while we are on our nature hikes. Scouts will learn about the importance of finding native species in outdoor spaces through habitat restoration and come up with other ways to make a difference on an eco-trek. Skills that are helpful to have when out in the wilderness will be developed. At the end of the program, the girls will learn how to purify water and build a fire in the great outdoors.

Ambassador Eco Advocate

As an ambassador, each scout will act as an example of how people can advocate for the health of our planet. In this program, girls will have an ENC staff member as their mentor to discover an environmental cause they are passionate about and develop a project and an action plan to advocate for that issue. Girls will learn to be creative in coming up with solutions to problems that our planet and society is currently facing. Contact us to discuss this program if you are interested.

Senior Eco Explorer

Traveling is a great way to explore the world around us. When we travel, we can discover that our world is filled with an enormous variety of life! Scouts will explore the concept of biodiversity by going on a fun hike with a naturalist. On this hike, the girls will discuss threats to native wildlife and participate in invasive species removal to restore the habitat around the nature center. Girls will also have the opportunity to interview the ENC Naturalist about what it takes to be an eco-explorer and how they can travel using eco-friendly practices on their next adventure.

Girl Scout Program REQUEST Form

Please complete this form if you are intersted in scheduling a program. If a date you choose is available you WILL be added to the calendar and then receive an email confirming this. If none of your dates is available we will contact you with comperable dates. Do NOT complete this form if you are just inquiring about scheduling a program. If you have questions that are not answered in the text above, feel free to call 949-645-8489 or email aimee@encenter.org with your questions prior to scheduling. Thank you!
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