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Boy Scout Programs

Are you looking for a fun way to engage your scouts?  Join one of our ENC Naturalists for an in-person or distance learning program!  Scout programs can be scheduled at either the Environmental Nature Center in Newport Beach or at Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary in Modjeska Canyon. Our Cub and Webelos Scout programs have been developed to satisfy the requirements of the Boy Scout Council of the United States. Except where noted, all programs are available year round.

How long are your scout programs? Our scout programs are about 90 minutes long.

How much do your scout programs cost? Most cost $8 per participant. Minimum fee for most programs: $80. No fee for adults.

Can I purchase the patch there? Boy Scout  patches are not available for purchase, but we have ENC patches for sale in our gift shop.

How do I schedule?

1. Read the information on this page and decide on a program you’d like to do.

2. Check your calendar and the calendars of everyone else who will be coming BEFORE scheduling to avoid unnecessary rescheduling. Have a few preferred dates chosen. We prefer to schedule programs at least 2 months in advance. Please read our cancellation policy.

3. Call (949) 645-8489,  email us or complete the online form below (scroll to the end of the page).

Can we bring siblings and parents? In order for the scouts to have the best scouting experience it is ideal for them to spend time together as a den w/o their siblings and parents – with just a leader and co-leader as chaperones. The den structure allows boys to build relationships with leaders and other boys. That said, if parents and siblings want to attend that is fine.  If siblings participate then we just ask that you pay for them.  The maximum number of children we can accommodate in a group is 20.

Tiger Cubs: My Tiger Jungle (1st grade) 

There is nature all around! Tiger Scouts adventure along the trails and pick out sights and sounds of nature. The boys will look closely at things found in nature in a 1-foot hike. Plants are explored when they plant a seed and act out what plants need to grow. This program is full of adventure with a hike, game, observations, and seed plantings! This program completes the requirements for the My Tiger Jungle adventure. It is 1.5 hours and costs $8 per scout.

Wolf Cubs: Paws on the Path (2nd grade)

The Cub Scouts embark on an adventure as they take a hike and explore different ecosystems. The boys learn about the six hiking essentials and illustrate gear needed for different weather conditions. The Wolf Cubs play an interactive game to figure out what to do if they lose their buddy while hiking. This fun packed program completes the requirements for the Paws on the Path adventure. It is 1.5 hours and costs $8 per scout.

Bear Cubs: Fur, Feathers & Ferns (3rd grade)

Scat, tracks, and animal’s shelter are just a few things to keep an eye out for in this adventure. Bear Cubs test out their naturalist skills as they hike the trails and look for animal evidence. The Bear Cubs meet a live amphibian as they investigate local endangered and extinct animals. If scheduled at the ENC, the program ends with a unique interactive game, the boys learn about composting and visit the ENC’s composting- learning area. This program completes the requirements for the Fur, Feathers, & Ferns adventure. It is 1.5 hours and costs $8 per scout.

Webelos Into the Woods Pin Program (4th – 6th grade)

Along the trail, Webelos Scouts investigate and identify different groups of trees by inspecting they structure of leaves. The boys discover the parts of the tree as they work together playing a tree formation game. Your Webelos will take part in a skit to discover more about bark and observe tree cookies to understand the wonders behind the growth rings. The program completes the requirements for the Into the Wood Adventure. The program is 1.5 hours and costs $8 per scout.

Webelos Earth Rocks Program (4th – 6th grade)

Your Webelos Scouts become geologists as they learn to differentiate between igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. They experiment with rocks using a mineral test kit and play a game to learn about geological structures found locally and internationally.  Along the trail, Boy Scouts observe rocks and minerals found locally in Orange County, and discuss the uses of these non-renewable resources in a hands-on activity. This program completes the requirements for the Earth Rocks adventure. The program is 1.5 hours and costs $8 per scout.

Webelos Into the Wild Program (4th – 6th grade)

As your Cub Scouts hike throughout our 5-acre center, the will go “into the wild” as they become a part of the food chain in an interactive display, learn about aquatic ecosystems in a fun game, and observe wild animals! The Webelos will also explore bird flight patterns as they discover bird flyways and ingest fun facts about local birds. This program covers the requirements for the Webelos Into the Wild adventure.  The program is 1.5 hours and costs $8 per scout.

Cancellation Policy:If cancellations or reschedules occur at least two weeks before the program, no fees apply. If cancellations or reschedules occur within two weeks before the date of the program, the minimum fee for the scheduled program will be charged. Fees do not apply if cancellations occur due to inclement weather.

Boy Scout Program REQUEST Form

Please complete this form if you are intersted in scheduling a program. If a date you choose is available you WILL be added to the calendar and then receive an email confirming this. If none of your dates is available we will contact you with comperable dates. Do NOT complete this form if you are just inquiring about scheduling a program. If you have questions that are not answered in the text above, feel free to call 949-645-8489 or email aimee@encenter.org with your questions prior to scheduling. Thank you!
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