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Artisan Application

Artisan Guidelines & Application

All Artwork must be eco-friendly and handmade locally or vintage.

What is Allowed: Fine arts (framed art pieces, matted art pieces), books (by the Author), craft items (not from shells or animals), food and beverages, purveyors of vintage finds that you have lovingly curated.

Non-native plants are NOT allowed, except for food plants. If you’re selling live plants they must be native to Orange County. You can check HERE.

Also not allowed are disposable, single use plastic packaging or bags, balloons, styrofoam, seashells, pearls or any dead animal parts. Why? Click HERE.

Application deadline: November 15, 2022

Check out the map and decide where you’d prefer to be:

  • free – Blue Spaces are in the classroom and hallway. Tables in the classrooms are provided, 2.5×5′. Tables in the hallway are also provided and are longer and narrower. Just bring your chair(s) and merchandise and sell! Tablecloths recommended.
  • $20 – Orange Spaces are in the museum. Includes a link to your website online. Tables in the museum are provided, 2.5×5′.
  • $25 – Green Spaces are slightly less desirable spaces in the very desirable parking lot (#44 is in the museum with space for you to add a second table that you bring).  The spaces are over a sidewalk, so there are two levels in your space – which is cool, right?! Includes a 10×10 space and a link to your website online. Just bring your canopy, table(s), chair(s) and merchandise! 
  • $35 – Gold Spaces are highly desirable spaces in the parking lot and patio.  Includes a 10×10 space and a link to your website online. Just bring your canopy, table(s), chair(s) and merchandise and sell! 

Please complete the online application using a computer. Those who apply using their phones have had issues.

Artisan Marketplace VENDOR Application

  • First Choice Booth #Second Choice Booth #Third Choice Booth # 
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    Please note that space numbers change from year to year!
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