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Thank you so much for scheduling your Traveling Naturalist program with us. We’re sure your students will find their upcoming experience educational and fun as well. The following checklist will help assure that the program runs smoothly. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Before the Program

Pre-Visit Review

Below are links to downloadable documents that you can use to prepare your students for their program. Please cover the vocabulary or pre-visit review for your corresponding program. If the students are already knowledgeable about the basic concepts, the program will have more meaning for them.


Payment is due on or before your visit, unless arrangements have been made with our Community Outreach Coordinator prior to your program.

Funding Resources

Click here for information on granting organizations and fundraisers to help you raise money for Traveling Naturalist programs.


Please use the pre-test/post-test developed for your program to gauge your students’ academic growth as a result of their visit to the ENC. Please return the results of the post-test to us in an email with your class’ average score to Sama Wareh.  We’d LOVE to know how we did!

Pre- and Post-Tests

After the Program

Student Post-Tests (see above)

Teacher Survey

Please click to complete the online teacher survey.

Cancellation Policy:

If cancellations occur at least two weeks before the program, no fees apply. If cancellations occur within two weeks before the date of the program, the minimum fee for the scheduled program will be charged.


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