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Three Amazing locally native Succulents for your Garden!

Everyone loves succulents and the Environmental Nature Center will have three species of locally native succulents available for sale at our upcoming Native Plant sale on November 12!  These great species provide nectar for butterflies and hummingbirds, and do well in either a pot or in the ground. Here is more info about them:

Dudleya edulis_Finger TipsFingertips (Dudleya edulis)

This succulent gets its name from the fleshy finger-like leaves that sprout from it. Fingertips is bee pollinated and the tips of the ‘fingers’ turn orange or red during the summer season. It prefers to grow on rocky slopes or in canyons, but despite it’s rugged location it is somewhat delicate, for the fingers break readily! In the spring and summer, Fingertips will blossom a white flower.

Dudleya lanceolata_Southern California DudleyaLanceleaf Liveforever (Dudleya lanceolate)

This succulent has fleshy pointed leaves of various shape and size. It grows flower clusters that are generally yellow, pink, or red with a pale green base. Lanceleaf Liveforever can tolerate sand, but it prefers rocky soil. It is slow to grow, and requires very little water.

Dudelya virens ssp. hassei_Bright Green Dudleya_1Bright Green Dudleya (Dudleya virens ssp. hassei)

Bright Green Dudleya is a perennial succulent native to Santa Catalina Island. It tends to grow in rocks and cliffs, at elevations from seal level to 1,300 feet. It spreads slowly outward, and in maturity it will form a clump up to 6 ft. across while remaining very low. It is closely related to Dudleya edulis and looks very similar, both species having leaves that are round in cross section. Plant in a well draining spot. Needs no supplemental irrigation after established in it’s natural seashore conditions. Performs best near the coast but could be used inland with shade a more water.

– Tori Jankovich, ENC Communications Intern

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