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Some Thoughts from our Founder, Robert House

Robert House (left) with ENC Executive Director Bo Glover

It was always my intention to establish the Environmental Nature Center as a natural example of real California, which as we all know, is one of the most unique places in our world.  Not only do we have the lowest and highest elevations in the United States, but also our extensive relationship to the ocean. However, it is plant life in the oceans and on land that produce our necessary oxygen and food.

In Science we call this PHOTOSYNTHESIS in plants and RESPIRATION in animals, which are the natural life cycles within our world. Further, it becomes the production of oxygen and carbon dioxide along with water that maintains our life as well as the life of plants and other animals. This is unique to our world and this place we call home.

WATER is the key to it all, and cellular life must have energy to sustain itself and that of course, is SUNLIGHT. It is sunlight, our ultimate source of energy and chlorophyll in plant life that produce the oxygen that is necessary for animal life to coexist with these plants.

Animals of all types and sizes need plants in order to exist.  Plants also provide many colorful displays for our eyes and our other senses to enjoy and we survive by breathing in the oxygen and consuming the food they produce within our environment. However, it is all of our senses that keep us aware of our environment.  Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching are the things we remember as we continually learn and appreciate our environment.  These experiences bring us the “Wow” moments we enjoy while getting out in nature.
– Robert House – June 2022
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