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Teacher Resources

Thank you so much for scheduling your field trip with us. We’re sure your students will find their upcoming experience educational and fun as well. The following checklist will help assure that your field trip runs smoothly. Please read our FAQs (at the bottom of this page) and feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Cancellation Policy: If cancellations occur at least two weeks before the program, no fees apply. If cancellations occur within two weeks before the date of the program, the minimum fee for the scheduled program will be charged. Fees do not apply if cancellations occur due to inclement weather as determined by the ENC.

Please review the material below to help you organize your trip.

dress for the weatherBefore the Trip

The ENC is committed to diverting 95% or more of its waste from the landfill. Please review our Zero Waste Policy prior to visiting the Center.

Class List

Please use the Class List template to separate your students into groups. Bring the class list on the day of your field trip. Please make sure you write comments on the class list. This ensures that our naturalists will teach your students appropriately.

Name Tags

Click HERE to download the name tag template. Please create a nametag for each child, and pin it on before they arrive for the hike. Please do not string the nametags around their necks.


Payment is due on or before your visit, unless arrangements have been made with our Education Director prior to your visit. We accept checks and credit cards. Please do not bring cash (unless arrangements have been made).

The ENC has a parking lot with spaces for:

  • 2 busses
  • 21 cars
  • EV charging station w/ 2 spaces (our EV is usually in one of them)
  • 2 carpool vehicles
  • 2 alternatively fueled vehicles
  • 2 spaces for people with disabilities

Getting here:

Directions and a map are HERE.

Funding Resources

Click here for information on granting organizations and fundraisers to help you raise money for field trips.


Classes cannot eat lunch at the ENC, however, there are many nearby parks with seating, shade and restrooms. Local parks include Bob Henry Park and Castaways Park. Bob Henry has restrooms but Castaways does not.

Study Guides

Please use the study guide developed for your program to prepare your students’ for their field trip.

PreK Nature ChangesStudy Guide

Kinder Eco Investigators Study Guide

1st Grade Creature Features Study Guide

2nd Grade Eco Observers Study Guide

3rd Grade Animal Abilities Study Guide

3rd Grade Tongva Trail Study Guide 

4th Grade Natureology Study Guide

4th Grade Native American Study Guide

5th Grade Eco Examiners Study Guide

Science Career Excursion Study Guide (Middle and High School)

Science Career Excursion Vocabulary Terms

Geology Study Guide Handout

Ecology Study Guide Handout

Botany Study Guide Handout



Please use the pre-test/post-test developed for your program to gauge your students’ academic growth as a result of their visit to the ENC. Please return the results of the post-test to us in an email with your class’ average score to Mindy Schwartz.  We’d LOVE to know how we did!

PreK Nature Changes Pre/Post-test

Kindergarten Eco Investigators Pre/Post-test

1st Grade Creature Features Pre/Post-test

2nd Grade Eco Observers Pre/Post-test

3rd Grade:

4th Grade:

5th Grade:

Science Career Excursion HS Program (Buck Gully) Botany, Ecology and Geology pre/post tests.

After the Trip

Teacher Survey

Please click to complete the online teacher survey.

Student Survey

Our Naturalists enjoy receiving feedback from the students they teach, and the student survey can help you gauge the effect the program had on your students! Please return them with the teacher survey. Click HERE to download the student survey.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What do we do if it rains? If it is lightly raining we can still make the program happen outside if your students are dressed appropriately for the weather. If it is raining heavily we can do the program inside, but it will not be the same amazing experience as it would be outside in the Nature Center. Know that there are no dates available for re-scheduling, so the choice is to cancel or come in the rain. Cancellation fees do not apply if cancellations occur due to inclement weather as determined by the ENCTHIS is what a rain day looks like.

2. Which months are the butterfly house will open? May through September, but there are lots of things to see throughout the rest of the year as well. For example, when we have 2nd graders here to learn about metamorphosis in January we simply use a live toad instead! The kids are just as excited to have the opportunity to touch a toad.

3. How many adults can attend the program? Why is there a limitation? What is the fee for extra adults? We allow two free adults (including teachers) for every 15 children. Aids and adults that are attending to assist a child with medical/physical/behavioral challenges are not counted in that number. There is a limitation because we’ve found (from decades of experience teaching these programs) that additional adults frequently become a distraction to the students. Additional adults are allowed, however, and they pay the same fee as the children (i.e. if the program is $6.50 then those adults would pay $6.50). These are our policies, however your school may have other policies that restrict the number of parents attending field trips.

4. Is there a parking fee? No.


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