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Artisans Marketplace Preview: Susanna Basaintt

Susanna has studied hand weaving since the 1960’s and is a member of the Weaver Guild. The objective of Susanna’s work is to surround herself, and others with beauty, magic, and creativity. As a Fiber Artist, she envisions the home as a circle of light that surrounds and nurtures. Her designs are spontaneous creations that come from experiences and studies in textiles and fibers. Hand weaving, crocheting, embroidery, beading, macramé and extensive international travel contribute to her craft. After observing hand weavers and textile artists in villages and galleries around the world, she decided to use mostly natural cotton textures and colors for her artwork. Some of her work includes Macramé wall hangings, lanterns, dream catchers, plant hangings, and purses. She wishes to bring magic, comfort and peace to others while giving dimensions of light, color, texture and depth into various environments.

Check out her beautiful creations at the ENC Artisans Marketplace on December 2! More information HERE.

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