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Shop Local at the ENC Artisan Marketplace this Holiday Season!

Artisan MarketplaceThe Environmental Nature Center (ENC) will present the Artisan Marketplace on Sunday, December 7 from 10AM to 3PM.  Guests will walk the trails and shop for handmade gifts from local artisans offering a variety of eco-friendly, sustainable, arts and crafts. The inaugural event will feature over 60 artisans, 6 food vendors and 2 musical acts. For more info visit encenter.org/artisan-marketplace.

“Local businesses are the heart of our community. The money we spend shopping at local small businesses is circulated back into our local economy, building a strong, economic infrastructure,” said ENC Outreach Coordinator Sama Wareh.  “Supporting local businesses also lowers carbon emissions and provides more employment for the community.”

A furoshiki station will provide visitors with the opportunity to learn green ways to wrap gifts, and a canvas bag station will give people the opportunity to get creative and decorate a reusable bag to carry their purchases in.  Disposable bags will not be provided, as this is a zero waste event.

 “The ENC’s mission is to provide quality education through hands-on experience with nature,” added ENC Education Director Lori Whalen.  ”The Artisan Marketplace will be an educational, fun, hands-on shopping experience. By hosting local and sustainable artisans we are fulfilling our mission and offering a better, greener shopping experience.”

In addition to traditional arts and crafts, artisans will also be on hand selling food and beverages for enjoying on site or gifting later. Local musicians will sell their CD’s, and perform independent music within the Center.

“I’ll be doing my own shopping at the Marketplace this year,” said ENC Executive Director Bo Glover. “The gifts I give will remind my loved ones that I care enough about them to consider the planet when I make purchases.”

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