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Service Learning Success!

The ENC is a priceless opportunity for learning and hands on experience. As an animal care intern I was able to not only care for many of Californias wonderful natural wildlife, but I was able to help educate any visitors as well. Whether that was through helping young children get to have a close up encounter with many of the ENC’s wonderful reptiles, or through explaining the importance of these animals and that many are misunderstood and provide no threat (such as snakes, which many are scared of) but they actually help maintain and protect our ecosystems.

Without the ENC I would never had the ability to have had such a wonderful opportunity. I had volunteered at many rescues and shelters in the past, and grew up riding horses. So I had a lot of experience working with animals in many different formats. However none of these experiences gave me the ability to help educate others and advocate for California’s precious flora and fauna. Currently, I now am attending Colorado State University studying Equine Science with the hopes of becoming a vet!

The ENC impacts the lives of children and adults from throughout Orange County. Over 28,000 visited last year to study the environment, gain respect for nature, and learn ecological responsibility and sustainable practices. 

The ENC would not be an educational resource in our community without wonderful supporters like you.  We are counting on your continued support, and now would be a great time to give.

Any gift you give to the Environmental Nature Center before MIDNIGHT, December 31 is tax deductible for 2018. Please make a year-end gift today to help us continue providing quality education through hands-on experience with nature. We are grateful for your gift, and genuinely appreciate every dollar we receive.

Thanks, and a Happy New Year to you.






-Eve Etcheson, former ENC Intern


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