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Renewable Energy: Where is Southern California in the “Green” Movement?

by Angelica Camacho, ENC Communications Intern

With advancements in research and technology, we know two basic principles of modern energy use: greenhouse gas emissions are bad for the environment and renewable energy sources wreak far less havoc on the environment.  Thankfully, our emissions are decreasing in recent years and renewable energy actually makes up nearly 20% of electricity consumed by the United States.

Where do we fall as a state in terms of adapting to changes in the energy market?  On July 19th at 6:00 PM the ENC invites you to join our discussion with The Living Greener Series: Going Solar. Learn how Southern California is taking on these energy challenges and what the future of renewable energy looks like for the state.

The ever-changing energy market will directly affect consumer households through companies like Southern California Edison that will need to adjust the cost of energy due to the use of sustainable methods such as solar and wind power.  This is not necessarily bad news however, and we will dive into what this means to our consumer budgets. We will end our session with an open Q&A to find the impacts of federal actions from tariffs to statewide mandates on local utility prices.

The Living Greener Series seeks to help individuals understand what it means to be “living green” in their own communities.  With an increased awareness of the environment, we can help individuals bring sustainable techniques and strategies to their community.

This discussion is complementary to ENC Members and costs $5.00 to non-members.  To learn more and register for The Living Greener Series: Going Solar, click here.

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