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Navigating the Land

By: Angelica Camacho, ENC Communications Intern

Our ancestors lived in harmony with the landscape of earth and skies. They navigated using the sun and stars. Over time, many humans have lost these skills in exchange for easy and convenient tools like navigation apps that tell us exactly where to go, turn by turn.  These conveniences though have let us to forget the ways of our ancestors, disconnecting us from Nature, and leaving us dependent on technology powerless to the whim of the wilderness.

The Primitive Skills Society, led by Bo Glover, Executive Director of the ENC, seeks to revive the methods of our ancestors and teach us how to survive using both nature and human made tools. Glover hopes to instill the passion that exists within the staff and family of the ENC to those who come to learn. “The society is an opportunity for people to get together with a community mindset in regards to learning primitive or survival skills,” said Glover.

In addition to the skills that the club teaches members, it also fosters a sense of togetherness and connection to the land.  

“The more we can delve into the primitive skills developed by our ancestors and the more connected to the earth we are, the better off we will be,” says Glover, “the Primitive Skills Society is a way to reconnect with Mother Earth.”  

Glover also noted that having these survival skills is crucial while living in Southern California, where the threat of a natural disaster looms over residents.

Those who join the Primitive Skills Society can expect to learn a myriad of techniques that are inspired by our ancestors along with a modern touch.  Each month, members meet here at the ENC to learn a new skill and they end their day of exploring with a light meal cooked over a campfire. This month, we will be learning how to navigate the wilderness using ancient and modern tools and our senses of the land.  To register of this event or learn more about the Primitive Skills Society, click here.

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