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Paper Plate Snake Kite


Paper plates
Markers / Paint / Colored Pencils / Crayons
Hole Puncher
Yarn or twine


1. Draw a spiral shape onto a paper plate with a marker.

2. Use markers/paint/colored pencils/crayons to make designs/patterns on the entire surface of the paper plate.

3. Once the plate is dry, cut along the spiral line from the outside to the center of the paper plate.

4. You can add eyes/tongue to make the face.

5. With the tip of the scissors or hole puncher, poke a small hole above the snake’s eyes.

6. Thread your twine or yarn through the hole and double knot it at the back of the snake’s head.

7. Lift up the twine to make the snake slither and move.

Sending Love & Health, 

Valerie Bain, MSW
Early Childhood Specialist

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