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More than just a Pretty Flower

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You probably haven’t put much thought into your lawn beyond making sure it looks groomed and presentable. You also may not have considered the impact your ornamental lawn has on the surrounding ecosystem.

Epilobium canum ssp. canumAs it turns out, your lawn can have quite an effect on the surrounding ecosystem. Native plants have been growing on the land where our homes are now for centuries, forming interconnected webs with all of the wildlife in the area. By removing native plants from landscapes, the insects that rely on those plants will also be removed, followed by the species that relied on the insects, and so on. As a result, the ecosystem quickly loses its carefully mastered system of checks and balances. It is a chain reaction that reaches all the way to humans. It is an issue because of the impact on natural resources, the economy, and even human health.


In the US, we have turned 54% of the lower 48 states into cities and suburbs, and 41% more into forms of agriculture. This means we have disrupted 95% of natural ecosystems (www.bringingnaturehome.net).

If we continue down this extinctive path, then humans will really begin to feel the side effects of losing the biodiversity ecosystems have to offer. With the climate changing, it is biodiversity that has the ability to produce clean air, water, and other necessary resources we need, and to hopefully regain its natural balance.

Do your part by planting native, and reap the personal benefits of saved money and time, and more life and vibrancy in your yard!

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