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Volunteer Spotlight: Mike Krasel

Mike (center) smiles with a group of Habitat Helper volunteers.

Mike (center) smiles with a group of Habitat Helper volunteers.

Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer. Mike Krasel has been doing more for the Environmental Center since 2001 and we wanted to recognize him for all his hard work throughout the years. Mike puts his heart in to everything he does and devotes his time in service of nature, the Newport Community, and the Environmental Nature Center.

Mike has been volunteering at The Environmental Nature since 2001 and has been impacting the community and everyone around him since then. In 2003 ENC named him volunteer of the year. Mike Krasel is a unique individual and his passion for nature shines out of him. He always has a positive attitude and willing to help wherever help is needed. He has dedicated his time to recycling and cleaning up the environment by chipping down branches and keeping streams clear of debris. He is an example of somebody who works very hard at trying to do his best and give back to organizations throughout the community.

Mike’s volunteer work has been benefitting the community and environment in many ways. Because of his love, passion, and dedication to recycling The Environmental Nature Center gave him the title of recycling advisor. Mike recognizes the importance of recycling and its impact in reducing consumption of our natural resources. He wants to try and lessen our impact of our natural resources by trying to recycle as much as possible. He not only recycles but also shares with the community the importance of recycling. He sets an example for the community and shows that recycling everything you can is possible. His favorite things to do here at ENC are to recycled items and chipping down branches and keeping our streams clear of debris.

Mike as a volunteer helps create and enhance outdoor spaces every day. Mike’s love for nature and helping the environment has helped beautify the community. Not only does he contribute to the environment around us but he is know as bit of an overseer. He makes sure people are respectful of the trails ad the plants at the nature center. Since he spends a lot of time around the nature center he is also known as one of the best greeters to the public. It’s very hard for people not to admire Mike’s passion for helping others and the community and we wanted to acknowledge him for all his volunteer work. – Aaysia Shelton, ENC Communications Intern 

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